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Network address space is sometimes anounced by people who do not own that space. The insecure nature of the BGP routing protocol allows for this. IANA has a list of the ipv4 network allocation and to whom it belongs

Here is an oldie but a goody…

Stealing The Internet – A Routed, Wide-area, Man in the Middle Attack

In this presentation we’re going to show Defcon how broken the Internet is, how helpless its users are without provider intervention, and how much apathy there is towards routing security. With the method described in this talk, an attacker is able to gain full control and visibility of all IP packets heading towards an arbitrary destination prefix on the Internet. From the perspective of the victims network, every inbound packet they receive will have first taken the ‘scenic route’ through the attackers network before reaching the true destination. The presentation will show attendees how (roughly) BGP works on the Internet, how and what providers do (or don’t do) when interconnecting their networks, concluding with a discussion of the hijacking method and a live demo of ‘man in the middle’ traffic, in-flight, to an undisclosed destination, including countermeasures employed to further obscure the interception and ensure nearly perfect network transparency. Ettercap and others please stand aside – routed Internet hijacking has come of age! Tkap (xam) & Pilo have presented at Defcon in the past but never before with this much spit & vinegar. Tkap usually talks about layer-1 and 2 stuff, like microwaves and data transport technologies. Pilo usually talks about optical transport systems and other layer-1 technologies, but he likes routing security too!

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Anton Kapela & Alex Pilosov

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