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AXFR’s in 2016 ?

I was doing some DNS research and analysis this week.  I attempted to do an AXFR against all TLD’s listed by IANA. Quite unexpectedly, I received entire zones from 6 TLDs which were as follows:

.ee Estonian
.eg Egypt
.er Eritrea
.gy Guyana
.mw Malawi
.sv El Salvador

I looped through the domains listed in “”, trying an AXFR against each NS listed for the zone and recorded the results. With the following simple bash script.

echo DOMAIN = $domain
soa=`dig +short "$domain" soa | awk '{print $1}'`
nss=`dig +short "$domain" @$soa ns`
for ns in $nss;
  do echo domain: $domain ns: $ns axfr ;
  dig axfr @$soa "$domain" > "$domain.txt"

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